The Digital Cardiovascular Care Company

For physicians and patients with cardiovascular diseases, tenacio provides comprehensive risk assessments and treatment recommendations, making it easier to identify optimal CV care resulting in lower events and cost.

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Getting research into practice

tenacio is a digital health start-up committed to improve outcome for patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
Cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of death worldwide and we believe that better care will have a huge societal and economic impact.

Our Solution

OptiCor provides physicians with an individual, risk-based treatment recommendation for their patients with cardiovascular diseases.


We use a validated algorithm to predict the risk of mortality, stroke, and bleeding for a single patient based on individual clinical data.

Individual Risk Visualization

We visualize the patient’s risk and the impact of an optimized treatment – easily understandable for the physician and the patient.

Optimized Treatment Plan

We provide a guideline-based, individual and practical treatment optimization plan.

Our News

26 Apr 2022

Digital cardiovascular care company tenacio announces publication of benefit analysis in European Heart Journal Digital Health

07 Feb 2022

Digital cardiovascular care company tenacio wins international award as “Most Innovative AI Based Digital Health Start- Up 2021”

18 Jan 2022

Digital cardiovascular care company tenacio announces formation of International Scientific Advisory Board

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